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Hi my name is Hannah. If you are here for my music, I have a whole blog just for music and art. I am a 21 year old lady from California. I make music, including fan music for Homestuck and Jojo's Bizarre adventure and lots of other cool series. Used to mod for Octopimp back in the day, and ran the big Homestuck Homecoming on tumblr in 2011. My album is located HERE Theme by Maf!

Rachel and I during the Pokemon tourney being bored


Chillin at sacanime as digogo




Chillin at sacanime as digogo


my little sister just got a tattoo in my handwriting that says “I am my own hero” in hebrew

it basically means “I will not let my mom’s abuse destroy me”

she called me today and told me she needed me to write it in my handwriting and send it to her within the hour

and while she had the tattoo appointment for a while so she had time to think she went to a mentor of ours and discussed what phrase would resonate the most and they both talked to a hebrew specialist and discussed how to phrase it exactly

she almost went with “female warrior” but she went with a more uplifting message of “i can be strong and save myself”

then she called me and had me draft it out and i sent it to her

she got it done and it looks beautiful it is positioned between her shoulderblades below her neck

i am strongly considering having her write one in her handwriting for me to get as a matching tattoo in a different spot on my body

together we can be strong and overcome abuse


by ほしまる

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North American River Otters

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that one soulful zebra in the exile song from the lion king 2




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You’re right. As I am now, I’m not even a witch any longer. I pulled that sacred, godlike entity down from heaven, overcoming her authority. A being that could perform such feats could only be called a demon, I suppose?

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